Ryan Reynolds made nearly 400 videos to thank the “kidnapped” crew for Red Notice

In order to complete the filming of Red Notice after the Covid emergency hiatus last March, over 300 people from the crew stayed in the hotel without returning home for two months. Ryan Reynolds personally thanked them all with a video each.

After the stop due to the health emergency last March 14, the production of Red Notice he had secured a month of filming. There were still a couple of months left, which would have included some Italian locations between Rome and Sardinia, but our country had recently entered a severe lockdown. It took some time for the entire world film industry to introduce strict rules to ensure the health of all workers on set, including spacing, mandatory masks and tampons every 24 hours. The over 300 members of the Red Notice crew they resumed work in mid-September with the actors Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds e Gal Gadot in Atlanta studios, ending in mid-November on one condition: they all should live in a bubble for those two months, that is, not seeing anyone but work colleagues staying in hotels paid for by the production for them. Whether it was an electrician from Los Angeles or an Atlanta costume designer two blocks from the studios, they would be doing hotel-work-work-hotel every day during that time. Basically, a “kidnapping” consenting.

To honor the work of the film crew, Ryan Reynolds posted a photo three weeks ago with a message saying:

“I take my hat off in front of these people. I can’t emphasize their grit enough. Over 300 souls lived in a bubble to make this film a reality. They worked under intense circumstances every day. It wasn’t just their sacrifice, it was also for their families, friends and loved ones who have not seen them for months. Heroes are not only those who wear the cloak. Some wear masks and visors. And bear a cotton swab stuck in their nose every day “

The actor did not mention in this message a particular thank you that has now come out. Reynolds recorded a video greeting for each of them and for family members at home, to say thank you. And those who did not have a family member but a dog at home received a video message for the pet, for a total of just under 400 video recordings. To give the news of the gesture, it is the Hollywood Reporter who learned of the actor’s initiative and called him to ask for confirmation. Reynolds he said it’s all true, adding that the whole crew also received a bottle of Aviation Gin as a gift.

Meanwhile, the director and screenwriter Rawson Marshall Thurber he was in Italy a week to do some shots of the exteriors. Back in the USA three days ago, he will have to integrate the images of the real Castel Sant’Angelo with the portion rebuilt in Atlanta where the scenes with the actors were made.

Red Notice: la trama del film Netflix

Red Notice is an action comedy produced by Netflix in which Dwayne Johnson plays an Interpol agent who hunts down an international con man played by Ryan Reynolds. Together with them he is also the protagonist of the film Gal Gadot in the role of a mysterious woman, skilled in the theft of pieces of art.


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