Vladimir Marugov was in the sauna with his girlfriend in his villa about 40 kilometers from Moscow when two masked assailants broke into the sauna on Monday morning, writes Reuters.

Marugov owns two of Russia’s largest sausage and meat processing companies. He is often called the “sausage king” of Russia.

The attackers tied Marugov and this female friend and demanded money from Marugov, which he kept in the villa. Eventually, the attackers shot Marugov with a foot bow.

The female friend escaped

At some point, the female friend got free and escaped the window. He called the police from a neighboring house.

The attackers fled by car, which was later found in a nearby village. The attackers have not been reached.

A leg spring used as a murder weapon was found next to the deceased Marugov.

Marugov is already the second Russian millionaire to be killed recently in the middle of a sauna.

Vyborg influential businessman and city councilor Aleksandr Petrov was found shot near the sauna in his villa in late October.