Safety in rallies depends, to a large extent, on the drivers and co-drivers being clear about where the most critical points are in the stages. To do this, the organization has to give good marks on the track, but sometimes accidents are inevitable (some with a fatal end).

In the rally Pskov de Rusia disputed this weekend, a few kilometers from the Estonian border, it was clear that one of the areas of the fifth stage was going to be marked for future editions as a black dot. There were no serious physical consequences to regret, but in the same morning there were even six accidents, captured by several fans who were in the area.

The video they have shared on the networks from the Sorta Rally Club is eloquent enough. Curves, left and right, in which up to six cars end up crashed, three of them one on top of the other.

The lack of commissioners signaling the previous blows explains why there are moments of great danger, such as one of them ending up overturning to avoid encountering the fans who, rope in hand, try to lift one of the overturned cars.