Russian scientists want to create a birch mushroom-based drug against COVID-19

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Experts from the Vector Research Center in Novosibirsk have applied for the invention of a coronavirus replication inhibitor based on an aqueous extract of the chaga birch fungus. Scientists believe that this folk remedy may have great promise.

Scientists “Vector” suggestedthat chaga can be effective in the treatment and prevention of coronavirus due to the most important biologically active components that are created when birch and fungus interact. Including – high-molecular water-soluble melanins, forming a complex with antitumor activity, pterins with cytostatic action, steroid substances, as well as polysaccharides, organic acids, free phenols, flavonoids. In addition, the chaga mushroom is rich in trace elements, including manganese, which is an activator enzyme.

Initially, the specialists of “Vector” pinned their hopes on the drug befungin – a concentrated aqueous extract of a birch mushroom with the addition of cobalt and ethyl alcohol. This product is freely available in pharmacies. However, studies have not revealed obvious effectiveness of befungin.

Scientists note that there is still a long way to go before the creation of a “golden pill” for coronavirus based on chaga extract, and further research is needed. But, in their opinion, a safe extract and regular birch mushroom tea can be taken as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of SARS.

Today it also became known that scientists from the Institute for Biological Problems of Permafrost, Siberian Branch are experiencing a cure for coronavirus based on lichen (deer moss) and birch bark. In August, the experimental drug “betukladin” was used to prevent employees of the “red zone”, and, according to scientists, out of 33 specialists taking the drug, only one fell ill. In the control group, more than 10% of doctors fell ill. Now the second stage of clinical trials of “betukaldin” is underway in Yakutsk among doctors and patients.



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