The latest turnaround was heard on Wednesday when Russia’s foreign intelligence service SVR claimed that Belarus’s opposition leader Svetlana Tsihanouskaja is actually a CIA agent for the U.S. intelligence service.

Director of SVR Sergei Naryshkin continued that the CIA had funded ongoing demonstrations in Minsk for a $ 20 million grant.

SVR’s charts do not accommodate the possibility that his brother was simply saturated with an authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko way of falsifying the election result in favor.

Tsihanouskaya, 38, was an English teacher and translator before the presidential election, although she had recently been at home caring for her children. His political activism only awoke when the father of the children Sergei Tsihanouskaja was taken to prison as an overly dangerous presidential candidate.

– He is strictly under the protection of the CIA wings, Naryškin said in a statement.

Tsihanouskaya has had to flee to neighboring Lithuania, from where she has watched the control mechanism of the totalitarian state work. One of the closest assistants, Maria Kolesnikova, was charged on Monday with endangering national security.

According to Naryshkin, Western powers had planned protests long before the August elections. The money spent on them was directed at notorious bloggers whose job it was to excite the people on the streets.

– From the beginning, the demonstrations were well organized and coordinated from abroad. According to SVR, the United States has a crucial role to play in the events in Belarus, the director claimed.

– We have been listening to Russian fairy tales for at least six years. We do not even think that their performers believe them either, a representative of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rasa Jakilaitiene said the news agency AFP.

Jakilaitiene’s timeline starts with the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, in which the president who pleased Russia Viktor Yanukovych got a shoe from the people.

Lukashenko has blamed unrest on at least Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Britain. He will remain in power for the time being Vladimir Putin with blessing.

– Yes, we know who is responsible for these demonstrations. We will not lower our defenses and we will be ready to respond to everything, the president shouted.