Russian hackers everywhere: US accuses six Moscow spies of cyberattacks from France to South Korea

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According to the United States, six former and current officers russian military They tried to infiltrate computers to distort the elections in France, the Winter Olympics in South Korea and various North American businesses and hospitals. Russia immediately rejected the accusation.

Specifically, the United States accused these Russian military officers, all officers of the military agency known as GRU, of trying to infiltrate Ukraine’s electricity system and the party of French President Emmanuel Macron just before the 2017 elections, and of trying to prevent the investigation into the attempt to poison a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, among other things, according to Justice Department documents.

The documents released Monday do not accuse the military of trying to interfere in the current US elections, although these military men are members of the same unit accused of orchestrating Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

The 50-page file, presented in a Pittsburgh court, mentions attacks that, according to the prosecution, sought to advance Russia’s geopolitical interests.

Among them is a cyberattack against the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, of which Russia was excluded following the official campaign to dope its athletes.

“No country has used its cyber capabilities in such a malicious and irresponsible way as Russia, which has blatantly inflicted collateral damage for the sake of small tactical advantages out of spite,” said John Demers, the Justice Department’s top national security official.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, rejection on Tuesday the accusations.

He said that Russia and Russian special services “have never carried out any hacking attacks, especially against the Olympics.”

“This resembles relapses that occur regularly from the rusofobia unbridled, which, of course, have nothing to do with reality, ” Peskov said.




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