Russian group controls eastern part of Bakhmut, claims Wagner’s boss.

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The content in question concerns the promise made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “find the killers” involved in a video he said showed the execution of a Ukrainian soldier by Russian troops. Kiev officials categorically condemned the incident as a war crime. The video shows an unarmed troop allegedly in Russian captivity wearing Ukrainian combat gear and smoking a cigarette. However, the man is then shown removing the cigarette from his mouth, blowing out the smoke, and saying “Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine)” before being executed, with off-screen combatants firing several shots at him.

The Ukrainian army’s 30th Mechanized Brigade has recently called on soldier Tymofii Mykolayovych Shadura on Tuesday. The brigade said in a Facebook post that Shadura was part of the contingent and had been missing since February 3 after fighting near the eastern city of Bakhmut as the battle for control of eastern Donetsk region intensifies. The corps of military is currently located in the temporarily occupied territory, and the definitive confirmation of his identity will be established after the return of the body and the examinations of the case.

Zelensky denounced the video and said it shows “how the occupiers brutally killed a warrior.” He declared in his Monday night speech, “I want us all to respond unitedly to his words: ‘Glory to the hero. Glory to the heroes. Glory to Ukraine.'” He added, “We will find the killers.”

CNN has been unable to independently verify who the executed soldier is, where he was shot, and who shot him. CNN has contacted the Ukrainian Defense Ministry for more details on the incident and the Russian Defense Ministry for a response. Russia has consistently denied allegations that its soldiers committed war crimes during its invasion, despite evidence to the contrary.

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