Russia wants to vaccinate all of Latin America against the coronavirus: “It is a priority”

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Kiril Dmitriev, head of the state fund in charge of signing sales and distribution contracts with other countries, assured this.

Russia intends to vaccinate against COVID-19 throughout Latin America, region that is a priority in development and production of the Sputnik V vaccine, Kiril Dmitriev, head of the state fund in charge of signing sales and distribution contracts with other countries, told EFE.

“We want to save people in Russia, in Latin America and around the world,” said Dmitriev, director of the Fund for Direct Investments of Russia (FIDR), by videoconference.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in August the registration of the first coronavirus vaccine, Latin American countries, which are among the most affected in the world by the coronavirus pandemic, they were more interested than anyone in receiving the first doses.

In response, Russia opted for Latin America as a platform not only for the sale of Sputnik V, but also for clinical analysis, technology transfer and joint production.

“Latin America is a priority. First because their countries are friends of Russia and second because Latin America is open to an honest analysis of the Russian vaccine “, explains Dmitriev.

He recalled that the appearance of the vaccine aroused “great enthusiasm” in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, while some countries in what he called the “Western world” they reacted with “great envy.”

He was referring to statements such as that of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who assured that in the field of health, “there should be no ideologies” and that, if the efficacy of the Russian vaccine is confirmed, he would be the first to get it.

Dmitriev believes that the fact that Russian medicine is based on human adenoviruses was crucial, making Sputnik V an “organic vaccine”, and not in mono or mRNA adenovirus vectors, which “are poorly studied”.

“It is a vaccine that lived in our ancestors 100,000 years. When they understood what differentiates our approach (…), we saw great interest from Latin American countries,” he said.

Now other countries have jumped on the Russian vaccine bandwagon, but the senior official highlights that Latin American countries are “a very important partner”, contributing to the fact that “historically” relations between governments and peoples have always been “very good”.

As an example, Dmítriev told Efe that the demand for the Russian vaccine on the continent today amounts to all 400 million doses, about half of the world total.

“That figure of 400 million doses is very significant compared to the more than one billion in demand worldwide,” he said.

He explained that 100 million doses correspond to the agreements signed in recent days with Brazil and Mexico, but that next week new contracts with countries in the region will be announced.

“There is great interest from Venezuela, but also from other countries. Some countries they say it publicly and many others do not, but are working closely with us, “he said.

Dmitriev stressed that “almost all Latin American countries” have contacted Moscow, which has provided them with the results of phases one and two of the vaccine to clear up doubts.

According to the Russian press, they are also very interested in cooperating with the Russian sovereign wealth fund. Argentina and Peru, countries also badly hit by the pandemic.


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