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It is the EpiVacCorona of the Russian Center for Virology and Biotechnology Vector, and it has already gone through phases I and II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that the Russian Center for Virology and Biotechnology Vector has registered a new vaccine, called EpiVacCorona, to face the coronavirus.

“The Vector Center in Novosibirsk has registered the second national vaccine against coronavirus,” Putin said during a meeting of the Council of Ministers, according to information from the Sputnik agency.

On September 30, the scientific institution concluded phases I and II of clinical trials with the vaccine, which has shown be safe. Thus, the president has conveyed his congratulations to the team of researchers that has managed to develop it.

“It has been a very important mission that you have successfully completed. A huge thank you for your work, your talent and your dedication,” he said. But he did not say anything about the fundamental test III sentence, which is performed on thousands of people before its final approval.

Russia had already registered on August 11 its first vaccine – called Sputnik V-, which was developed at the Nikolái Gamaleya Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology with funding from the Russian Fund for Direct Investment (RFPI).

This Wednesday, Putin called increase production of the two vaccines against the coronavirus and to cover the demand of the domestic market first.

“We must increase the production of both our first and second vaccines, first of all to meet the demand of the national market. Both vaccines have to be available in all pharmacies of the country, “he stressed.

The president also revealed that the new vaccine has been supplied to the head of the consumer protection and human welfare office, Anna Popova, and the deputy prime minister, Tatiana Gólikova, who has clarified that the Vector center is expected to incorporate as soon as possible in their clinical trials to People over 60 years.

In the last 24 hours in Russia there have been 14,231 new cases and 239 deaths, which represents a new record in the daily balance of infections, as reported by the Russian center responsible for the fight against the virus.

With the new data, the balance of the pandemic amounts to 1,340,409 infected people and 23,205 fatalities.

The announcement comes when other projects to combat the coronavirus such as the Johnson and Johnson vaccine or the treatment with monoclonal antibodies from the Lilly firm had to be suspended due to problems in the trials with patients.

One of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine volunteers suffered an illness unexpected to the researchers. And Lilly reported that she paused testing for her antibodies for safety reasons.

Source: dpa



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