Russia is at risk of sanctions if it uses a gas pipeline to exert political pressure

Russia is at risk of European sanctions if it uses the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany to pressure Ukraine. This is the signing of an agreement between Germany, the United States and the United States regarding the gas project. The topic has been controversial for many years, according to the American government.

“Should Russia try to use energy as an weapon or take further aggressive action against Ukraine, Germany is ready to take action at both the national and European levels,” Victoria Nuland (US Undersecretary of State) said. Germany is also reported to have committed to supporting an extension to existing agreements between Russia & Ukraine regarding gas transit.

Recently, Joe Biden, the US President, and Angela Merkel as the German Chancellor disagreed about the Nord Stream 2 project. The US claims that the pipeline will increase Europe’s dependence upon Russian gas. This would allow Russia to exert pressure on the US-aligned Ukraine and other vulnerable countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Merkel however, supported the pipeline during a press conference with Biden. This should ensure that Europe’s largest economy has a secure and direct supply of energy. Even after Nord Stream 2 is operational, the chancellor said that Ukraine must continue to be an “energy transit nation”. Biden stressed that differences of opinion between the German allies and the American ones did not affect the mutual relationships. Biden said, “Good friends should not be afraid to disagree.”

According to the Russian government, Nord Stream 2 should be completed by the end this year. While the project has been in progress for years, there have been interruptions due to legal haggling. Washington also threatened to impose penalties on any companies that helped in construction.

The project involves many companies, including Shell Oil and Gas Group. The Baltic Sea pipeline runs more than 1200 km long. Nord Stream 2 aims for a doubled capacity of gas supplies from Russia and Germany.



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