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The Russian Ministry of Healtha has authorized the start of clinical trials of another Russian vaccine -the third- against Covid-19, developed in this case by the Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Drugs MP Chumakov of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

This has been announced by the Ministry in a press release in which they report that more than three thousand volunteers will participate in the tests, “which meets the requirements of the World Health Organization and international regulators and will allow studies of a reliable amount of scientific data,” says the letter.

“The essays will begin in the next few days in Kirov, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk and we hope to complete them in November this year “, says the general director of the Chumákov Center, Aidar Ishmujamétov. Furthermore, the letter states that each of the volunteers will be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of trying the new dose and that, after being vaccinated , must be isolated for 16 days in hospital, to conduct clinical trials and be monitored by doctors who will monitor the status of each one.

This new vaccine is the third developed by the Russian country and, according to the general director of the MPChumakov center, Aidar Ishmujamétov, they hope to complete clinical trials “in November of this year.”

The news comes just weeks after Russia announced the supply of more than 100 million doses of its ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine in India at the end of the year, after the Russian Direct Investment Fund (FIDR) reached an agreement with the Indian pharmaceutical company “Dr. Reddy’s”.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Also, in early September, Russia began the trials after the registration of the vaccine, which became official on August 11, and has so far recruited some 55,000 volunteers. The first results of phase III trials are expected to be published between October and November.



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