Russia announces mass production of its Sputnik V vaccine in December

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“We anticipate that in December we will be in a position to carry out Sputnik V and Latin America. We will produce millions of doses in December, and in January we will begin to supply very actively. ” Kirill Dmítriev, director of the Russian Fund for Direct Investment which, together with vaccine researchers, has participated this Monday in a virtual meeting with a group of Ibero-American journalists, promoted by the Bering-Bellingshausen Institute for the Americas (IBBA), in which, on the part of Spain, there has only been representation from Iberian Press, group to which it belongs THE NEWSPAPER OF CATALONIA.

The Russian Fund for Direct Investment ensures that there is already a global demand for the vaccine that exceeds 1.2 billion doses.

The deputy director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Denis Logunov, highlighted the efficacy and safety that its vaccine is demonstrating to date and revealed that the interim results of the trials, involving 40,000 volunteers, will be published in november.

Russian scientists believe their vaccine will provide a immunity of “between one and two years”, while, according to the information they handle, other vaccines that are currently being investigated in the world “would not exceed six months of immunity“.

Asked by the side effects of the vaccine in 14% of those vaccinated in the trials referred to in September by the Russian Minister of Health, Mijaíl Murashko, the researchers insist that the participants have not shown any severe complications: “All the effects of the vaccination detected, which did not last more than two days in any case, are limited to a fever, moderate pain at the injection site, and some temporary mild discomfort“.

Denis Logunov wanted to make it clear in this regard that “Russian law does not differ from international law, and all clinical trials are carried out in accordance with established regulations. There is a regulation and if any serious complication is located, rehearsal stops and an investigation is opened to determine the causes. The international regulation is superior to the national one, common sense prevails since we work with human beings and the Russian Federation does not differ in this matter in relation to the European Union or United States“.

“Our main focus in the vaccine is the safety of the human being to whom it is administered,” he added. Kirill Dmítriev.



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