The allegations are made by John Ratcliffe, the director of the US National Intelligence Community, who claims that Russia and Iran tried to interfere in the US presidential election. Radio Free Europe.

Ratcliffe explains that the two countries came into possession of lists of American voters and used them to intimidate them.

“We have confirmation that some information about the electoral lists was obtained by Iran and, separately, by Russia,” the US official said.

The US National Intelligence Agency and the FBI have given assurances that the November election will run smoothly.

Ratcliffe accuses Iran of trying to intimidate voters in four states (including Florida and Pennsylvania) in order to discredit Donald Trump. Voters would have received emails warning that “we will come after you” if they do not vote for the current US president.

John Ratcliffe does not specify how these lists of voter data were obtained, including e-mail addresses, and claims that the same action was not observed in Russia, but “we are aware that they obtained some information about voters as they did in 2016 ‘.

Iran would also resort to online misinformation, supported by the distribution of videos through which people are warned that some people will introduce fraudulent ballots even from abroad.

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