The rhetoric of the “besieged city” is booming in Russia. A new sample of this speech was given by the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, in an interview broadcast on Sunday evening by the Rossia-24 television channel, a Kremlin propaganda channel. The Russian minister accuses NATO countries of simulating missile attacks.

“Another thing alarms us more: if before, with a certain frequency, of course not as at present, it was mainly reconnaissance aircraft, at present regular overflights and training flights have started involving the simulation of missile attacks, including by using a large number of planes, “Şoigu was quoted as saying by TASS news agency, another Kremlin propaganda channel.

It is perhaps the first time that, after several events involving airplanes, B-52H long-range aircraft are approaching our borders, ”he added, referring to two recent episodes.

From August 24 to September 3, Russia lifted its planes ten times from the ground to intercept NATO reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic, Black and Barents Seas, he said, without talking about similar actions by the Russian army.

On August 31, three Su-27 fighter jets from the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet Air Force were lifted from the ground to intercept three American B-52H Stratofortress bombers. A similar incident occurred on September 4, when four Su-27s and four Su-30 multi-role fighters detected three B-52H bombers near Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula annexed by Russia in March 2014.

In this context, Vzgliad, a pro-Kremlin publication, writes in an alarming tone that the USA is looking for a nuclear attack against Russia, and Ukraine would have the role of bridgehead.

In an article about the recent flights carried out by the B-52 Stratofortress bombers near Russia, the American publication The Drive writes that they followed the reaction of the Russian anti-aircraft system. The RC-135V / W, Airseeker and Sentinel R1 aircraft, intended especially for electronic reconnaissance, could have collected information on the reaction of Russia’s integrated air defense systems and other control units, according to The Drive, according to Agerpres.

The overflight of the Ukrainian space by a group of strategic B-52H bombers carried out on Friday demonstrated NATO’s ability to deter Russia, said the US Air Force Command in Europe and Africa (USAFE-AFRICA).

At the same time, the US and NATO point out that the Russian air force is engaging in “unsafe and unprofessional” interceptions over the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.