Russell: We can’t fight for high positions yet

George Russell realistically estimates Williams’ speed capabilities and believes that in Bahrain he will have to fight only with rivals from Haas and Alfa Romeo. But the situation is unlikely to change next year either.

George Russell: “The first evening race of the season is ahead, and on the track, where piloting is a pleasure! The qualification promises to be difficult, but interesting, and it is clear that this weekend we should not have problems with the heating of the rubber, which is already good.

I believe that the already known situation will repeat here, when we have to fight the drivers of Haas and Alfa Romeo, and I hope that we can put everything together to make our way into the second qualifying session on Saturday. And on Sunday it is important to start well, after which we will see what we can achieve.

Of course, it is a little upsetting that we cannot yet fight for higher positions, but in Formula 1 there have always been faster and slower cars. Unfortunately, I think that in 2021 everything will remain approximately the same as it is now, but together with everyone else, I hope that in 2022, when the new technical regulations and financial regulations come into force, the team’s capabilities will somewhat equalize, and then the racer will be able to more strongly influence the outcome of each weekend.

The fact that tomorrow I will miss the first training session, because I will be replaced by Roy Nissan, will not greatly affect my work this weekend. The qualification and race take place in the late afternoon, and the fact that I miss the first session on Friday, when the state of the track is far from the best, has even its advantages. I will watch with interest the progress of the free races from the side and prepare for the second training session. “



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