Russell: Talking to Lewis helped me improve my

Last Sunday, Lewis Hamilton won the Turkish Grand Prix, guaranteeing himself his seventh world title. Williams racer George Russell speaks of his compatriot with great enthusiasm and says that communication with Lewis helped him to add.

“Personally, I’m running out of superlative words for Lewis,” George said on the F1 Nation podcast. “I suppose everyone knows how great he is, even when he was only a two- or three-time world champion. When I came to Mercedes and saw how he works up close, I realized that he relies not only on natural talent.

Don’t assume Lewis just wakes up on Sunday morning and gets in his car and has the best time. He makes a huge effort for this, but I did not know this before working with him. After I saw everything with my own eyes, I began to treat him with even greater respect. He works on the smallest details to succeed and get more out of himself.

I spoke to Lewis after the Imola race. He spoke some wise words to me, including offering to contact him if necessary. I learned a lot from Lewis just by being with him at the same briefings. I understand what he does to make the car go faster, what his driving style is and so on. All of this over the past eighteen months has helped me become a better driver.

I figured out what to do to make the car go faster, and I figured it out watching Lewis. He sets the bar: Lewis is an incredible racer and person. I have great respect for him. “



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