Russell: Not sure if we will fight Alfa Romeo and Haas

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Williams worked with three riders: in the first training session, George Russell was replaced by the reserve pilot of the team, Roy Nissan. In the second session, the Briton returned behind the wheel and worked with his partner with the settings.

Dave Robson, Chief Race Engineer: “The challenge for the evening is to figure out what to improve to get our positions up to expectations. A compromise has to be found between straight line speed and cornering grip.

In the first training session, Roy Nissani worked with George’s car. He impressed us again with speed and feedback. Monza has a tricky track, but he did a great job, helped us complete the program and gave balanced comments.

In the second training session, George got back behind the wheel and immediately showed good speed. He aggressively tuned the car for the second set of laps, which helped to identify its weaknesses and gave us information to analyze.

Nicholas had a great day, making progress on both workouts experimenting with the settings. The stable conditions gave him the opportunity to try something. He showed his best time on the second attempt on the new Soft set, which means that tomorrow, when the Soft compound is used on one fast lap, he will be able to add significantly. “

Roy Nissani (18th in first workout): “The workout went great, we tested everything we wanted. I am very pleased with my performance and the team too. In my opinion, I have made progress compared to the first training session in Barcelona. We did a great job then, and today it is even better, so I’m happy.

I was overwhelmed with emotions from the opportunity for the first time behind the wheel of Formula 1 to perform on such a legendary track as Monza. But I tried to contain them, focused on piloting and worked like a robot. “

Nicholas Latifi (19th): “Our car has high drag, so we have a hard time on the straights. In the second training session, we lost a lot to the others. Now the car is not working as I need, so we can still get closer to the rivals. We usually make progress towards qualifications. We have something to work with tonight. ”

George Russell (20th): “On the second set of laps with empty tanks, we used aggressive settings and went too far, so I improved my result by only tenth. Our pace is much better than we showed today, but I’m not sure if this weekend we can fight Alfa Romeo and Haas F1. The characteristics of this track are not suitable for our car. But we are not giving up – let’s see what we can do. “



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