Rushing driver shows his burned side

Two weeks ago, F1 driver Romain Grosjean crashed in to a crash barrier. The racing car owner shows his burned hand the first time on Instagram.

At the Bahrain Grand Prix around two weeks in the past, Romain Grosjean, 34, had various guardian angels with him: this individual survived a horror crash. French Formula 1 driver crashed into a guardrail at around 220 km / h and fortunately was able to free of charge himself from his burning automobile.

Romain Grosjean: “Damn it, much more me super happy”

On Instagram, Romain Grosjean proudly shows that his therapeutic is progressing well. In a fresh post, Grosjean publishes two images of his burned right side. The burns are sometimes deep, nonetheless he is satisfied with the progress. “Damn it, it makes me super thrilled to have my right hand totally free of associations,” writes the Frenchman. Although he has to put lotion onto her, it is good to see her inside “such good condition”. Now he could be waiting for his other hand to recover.

The racing driver is recovering properly from the horror crash

Romain Grosjean offers kept his fans up to date in the condition since his accident. In the first clip from the hospital sleep, for example, he reported that he has been doing relatively well under the situations. In the following posts he could be found again during dumbbell training together with his hands bandaged or back in the logement of a racing car from the Haas racing team.

Source used:Instagram


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