“When I started buying ‘running’ books I always missed something written by a normal person for someone like me. That is one of the reasons why I decided to write ‘Running to lose weight’ “, Francisco Abián explains to EFE.

The book, edited by Arcopress, is inspired by his own story, that of a professional in the insurance industry who found himself “in a borderline overweight situation”, by neglecting his physical form to turn to the new position of the company where he works.

Abián weighed 108 kg, but everything changed on November 30, 2018, when he decided to start a path of no return in search of a triple objective: “He had four months and a week to complete 1,000 kilometerss training, lose 15 kilos and run the Zaragoza marathon “.

On April 7, 2019, ‘Forrest Fran’, as he is known on social media, managed to fulfill his dream. With a training program and a hyperproteic diet, he planted himself with 93 kilos at the starting line and completed the 42,195 km of the test.

“During those four months, I had been writing down all my impressions and feelings in Word documents, and I had made Excel tables with the evolution of my training. I had a lot of information that I thought I could share,” explains Abián.

Fran came up with this book while running –“because running is a source of creativity”, defends – and then he remembered that he had claimed many times to be able to find in bookstores “a useful and practical running guide that was not a billet”.

“Almost all the ‘running’ books are made by professional athletes who can’t offer you the starting point of view, because they have played sports all their lives. My book is aimed at people who, like me, have an overweight problem and want to solve it by starting to run and watch their diet “, he says.

Abián writes for the uninitiated amateur runner and to whom he advises “to start by walking kilometers first get a medical check-up and visit the podiatrist to see if your footing and thus avoid some injuries. “

In ‘Running to lose weight’ the author touches on basic issues such as clothing, hydration or diet, “in a very didactic and easy to read way”, underlines.

In his obsession to simplify the guide, Francisco Abián eliminated some quotes and cut the content down to 136 pages.

A simple guide to learning how to lose weight eating healthy and starting to play sports and also championing two causes of solidarity.

And it is that all copyrights are allocated, in equal parts, to Caritas Diocesana and the West Syndrome Foundation, a disease suffered by the son of the Magician More, a magician, screenwriter and presenter who is the author of the prologue of this book.