He running It has become the favorite sport of many and it is not surprising. The possibility of practicing it anywhere and at any time, as well as adjusting the demands and effort to personal goals are some of its most striking features to make it a complete and highly adaptable exercise.

But these peculiarities do not mean that just going for a run is enough. Jorge Marín, coach and director of Sports & Fun, review that it is necessary to get in shape before putting on the shoes and overcoming kilometers. “It is very common to see that when a person wants to get in shape or decides to start doing sports to lose those extra pounds, they choose the running as the first and only option, “he explains. But this is a mistake that can lead to injury.

exist Four Big Mistakes Almost Every Beginner MakeIt’s time to start running. The first is not having any kind of planning or following a progression adapted to the personal level, while the second refers to body weight.

“You must be around at your optimal weight for running since running causes a strong impact on our joints, especially over the knee and ankle, and if we add a high weight to this, the most common is that discomfort or injuries appear that will make us not continue with the training, “says Jorge.

Strength as a basis

The third mistake is not exercising strength or not including specific training that enhances this ability. “It is more than proven that strength is the basis for doing any type of sport and is an essential element to improve performance”, Jorge Marín details.

Also, strength training can prevent injuries Since trained muscles will protect the joints that suffer a greater impact during the race. “There is no doubt that the best way, the most effective to get in shape and the ideal complement to any sport is strength training, so it would be necessary to dedicate at least one hour a week to training, “says this coach.

The last most common failure It is forgetting to improve your running technique. Performing specific exercises you get a better performance and, at the same time, injuries will be avoided. “Running technique helps us have a more efficient stride, as well as allowing us to run faster with the same effort,” explains Jorge.

If now with going back to school you are thinking of putting on your sneakers again, remember to go to the gym first and plan your sessions of running if you want to be successful.

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