The battle for F1 series driver seats for next year is going to be hot. Alfa Romeo is at the center of the driver’s roulette, after the top stables have already been sold.

There is a crowd in the team, as the collaboration with Ferrari offers as many as three talents from the F2 series: Mick Schumacherin, Callum Ilottin and Robert Shwartzmanin. However, it is not appropriate to calculate the current driver’s duo in the stable Kimi RaikkonenAntonio Giovinazzi. Also smoked out of Racing Point Sergio Perez tops the place to continue his F1 career.

The shares of 41-year-old Räikkönen have improved recently. Last weekend, in connection with the Russian GP, ​​the Swiss magazine Blick reported that the Finn wanted to continue in the ranks of Alfa Romeo next season as well. According to, Räikkönen has time to think about his decision until the end of September.

On Saturday, Räikkönen himself denied that he had signed any agreement.

Pieces snapping

The Italian Formulapassion website reports on driver roulette via the country’s F1 driver Giovinazz.

Giovinazzi, a 26-year-old who is driving in second place all over, has not been convinced this year either. Räikkönen has often left his teammates behind both in time and in races, which has weakened Giovinazzi’s position in the Ferrari hierarchy.

According to the site, Haas is coming to the rescue. Romain Grosejan and Kevin Magnussen are finally getting departure passes from the stable, which would open up two seats for Ferrari to fill. According to the site, Sergio Perez and Schumacher, who are caught in the Formula 2 championship, would head to the American stable.

This would be saving Giovinazz’s career. According to Formula Passion, the man would be getting his third chance at Alfa Romeo.

In the midst of all the spinning, Räikkönen’s future was acknowledged in one sentence. Admittedly all the more pleasant.

– The stable will continue with Kimi Räikkönen for another year, most likely, the website writes.

Did you forget something?

Speculation in the Italian source draws attention to the absence of two other Ferrari juniors. Ilott and Shwartzman have both shown strong excerpts in the F2 series, but Formula Passion thinks the screens aren’t enough to replace Giovinazz.

This is despite the fact that Ilotti still has a good chance of rising ahead of Schumacher to become a Formula 2 champion. The title would mean an almost certain F1 promotion, as the F2 champion has no right to defend his title.