Ruggeri’s “cross call” live, a Stoichkov with a changed voice and a save from his teammates

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El Cabezón was the protagonist of a funny moment in the middle of his program. A call came from the Bulgarian, but the one who spoke on the other side was someone else …

It was a moment of confusion on the “90 minutes of soccer” panel. While the program was running, Oscar Ruggeri got a call. And at the request of those around him, he answered thinking it was a person, although whoever spoke to him from the other side was far from being the contact scheduled on the cell phone.

Is that Sebastián Vignolo, as a good driver, asked him who was calling him as soon as he saw that the 1986 world champion grabbed his cell phone and began to look. “Stoichkov” (Hristo), answered the former footballer, so all his teammates asked him to attend and put on speaker, since he was a very prominent personality in sport.

But immediately the voice that came from the other side was a woman’s, under Ruggeri’s stunned gaze.

“How are you doing, Oscar?” They asked a Cabezón who was very confused when he saw that the person speaking was not the Bulgarian ex Barcelona and asked him who it was. “I’m Marina,” he told her, which aroused the quick reaction of the former defender: he cut the call and realized that his contacts had been crossed.

“It’s Marina, from here”, explained the multiple champion without really understanding what was happening. Fortunately, quick reflexes, his colleagues Federico Bulos and Marcelo Sottile explained to him that with the latest cell phone update, some contacts intersect and if we receive a call it is possible that whoever is on the other side is not who we think.

“Black Bulos calls me and Oscar Ruggeri attends me” was one of the examples given to the air.


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