Rozalén, protagonist of one of the most anticipated record releases of 2020, has anticipated this Tuesday that his new work will be released on October 30 and that, inspired by a few words from Luis Eduardo Aute, it will be titled The tree and the forest.

Sony Music informs that the fourth studio album of the La Mancha artist will arrive “loaded with symbolism to show your vision of the world”, but this time from a point of view much more “introspective” to “explore without interference”, with nature as the main source of inspiration.

“The tree and the forest is an album full of color, which takes us through different emotional states, showing us a journey into an artist, capable of making us reflect on social issues or of a more personal nature “, specifies the company.

Again with the producer Ismael Guijarro, Rozalén will jump through eleven songs by varied styles like pop, son cubano, ranchera and funk, among others.

Besides the theme No, no, belonging to the soundtrack of the film Rosa’s wedding by Icíar Bollaín, the composer and interpreter has released the songs throughout this year This train and more recently And i searched, which was born after a climb to the temple of Tepozteco, in Mexico.

The Tree and the Forest will be published on CD and vinyl and also there will be a “Special Limited Edition” in pre-sale starting this Tuesday, signed by Rozalén herself, which will include an illustrated field notebook with reflections from the composer.

María de los Ángeles Rozalén (Albacete, 1986) debuted in 2013 with the album With the right to …, which they followed with each greatest commercial success Who has seen me … (2015) and When the river sounds… (2017), which was number 1 in sales and it brought him two Latin Grammy nominations.

During confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain, Rozalén published the solidarity song Caged birds and also participated in the new charity version of the classic of the Dynamic Duo I will resist.