The year 2020 already accumulates a lot of ballots to become one of the worst years in the history of our country. The last to suffer the consequences of this disastrous year has been Rozalén, who has had to see her grandmother leave, the person who has inspired her the most.

Along with a tender photograph in which both appear, the singer wanted to say goodbye to one of the fundamental pillars of his life: “I shared it with those who listen to me … Because her life and her teachings were worth observing carefully. Today my grandmother’s heart has stopped beating … And I have understood that no one is prepared to see who they love leave“.

With love, Rozalén he told us one of his grandmother’s customs, who every day drank a glass of red wine and a toast spread with garlic, nuts and olive oil and remembered that, with these little customs, the woman had managed to reach 92 years.

The Albacete has thanked the staff of Palliatives of Perpetual Help of Albacete for having made these hard days for the family something more bearable. “Yours is to make you a monument”.

In his latest work, Rozalén dedicates some songs to themes such as wrinkles or death since he likes to “talk about taboos”. In addition, in her interview with 20 minutes, the artist wanted to point out that this year, with the pandemic, “death is very present.” The singer also wanted to remember that “there are people who are dying alone” and “that is macabre.”

Rozalén he deeply admired his grandmother who, in addition, has served as inspiration for the composition of some of his songs. Since the publication of the news and the photograph on the networks, that of Albacete has received all the support and affection of his fans, friends and colleagues.

“Good cheer, Maria. Grandparents are the greatest thing there is. We will always carry his life teachings inside, “Huecco wrote on his Twitter account. For her part, Pastora Soler added:” A very strong hug, María. Strength for you and your family“.

Political personalities have also wanted to show their support for the singer in these difficult times. “Much courage and strength, Maria”wrote the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón.