Valentino Rossi has expressed his disappointment upon learning of his positive for coronavirus that will prevent him from being in the next two races of the championship, which will be held Motorland of Aragon.

The ‘Doctor’, who according to He was infected on a birthday with his girlfriend and his good friend Uccio, explained how the successive days were until they confirmed that he joined the ‘select’ club of coronavirus.

“On Tuesday morning I had a PCR that had been negative, so I had the green light to enter the paddock. But on Wednesday night I began to feel ill, and the symptoms were those of the coronavirus: pain from back, bones, headache … I took my temperature and it was 37.6º. I went to do a rapid PCR that was also negative, but since it was not right I decided not to fly. On Thursday afternoon came the results of the conclusive test, which came out positive, “he explained on ‘Radio Deejay’.

Rossi will be isolated in Tavullia, where he has his house and ranch. Something that, for its part, is great news, because if it is confirmed that he had been infected while already in Spain, he should have stayed here. “Luckily I stayed home, because if I end up having to isolate myself for a week in Aragon, I throw myself off the balcony,” he said, in a unexpected contempt for the region.

Rossi has been one of the last Italian sports idols to have tested positive in recent hours, as the swimmer Federica Pellegrini, Olympic and world champion, has also fallen. “I have sent a message to Federica and I have told her that the virus has a good eye, because it has caught me, her, Cristiano Ronaldo already Zlatan Ibrahimovic”He joked about the germ’s ‘aim’.