Ross Brown on the results of the Russian Grand Prix …

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The sports director of Formula 1 Ross Brown summed up the results of the weekend in Sochi …


The weekend kicked off with news that Stefano Domenicali will become the new CEO of Formula 1 next year.

As the head of Formula 1, Chase Carey did an excellent job with a difficult task, was able to sign a new Agreement of Consent with the teams and rebuild the entire structure after the transfer of commercial rights under the control of Liberty Media.

Chase became an example of honesty and consistency in the Formula 1 family, adding stability to our unstable world. I really enjoyed working with him. But now Chase has decided to step back from that role, handing over the leadership to Domenicali.

I know Stefano very well – and could not think of a better successor. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Lewis was out of luck

Lewis was unlucky in recent races – he received a fine at Monza, and now in Sochi. Personally, I would have left, forgot about what happened – and thought about how to prevent this from happening again in the future.

I know this team will do just that. I know many employees from the days when I myself worked in this team – they understand that they made mistakes.

Everyone has mistakes. The question is how you react to them. In such a situation, it is easy to decide that the whole world is against you, but this is not constructive. It is worth thinking about what you did wrong – and use this experience in the future.

Bottas continues to fight

Obviously, Valtteri loves Russia – and Russia loves him. Two wins and two second places in four years is an excellent result. In the race, he did not make mistakes, but it would be interesting to see how events would develop under a different scenario.

Due to the start at Soft, Lewis was immediately one step behind Valtteri, who started at Medium. It is a pity that because of the fine we did not see how their confrontation would end, but Valtteri had an excellent race, once again demonstrating his character.

From the outside, it seems that criticism only makes him stronger. Over and over again he finds the strength to fight Lewis, who is now a reference point for everyone.

Compliance with track boundaries

During the weekend there were several controversial situations about the observance of the boundaries of the track, but I know that the FIA ​​is objective and constructive about such issues. I have no doubt they will look at all the incidents that happened in the second turn to find the best solution for the future.

Drivers always want to go as fast as possible, but the FIA ​​forces them to comply with the boundaries of the track – this has always been the case. But if earlier, in case of an error, the riders flew into the gravel, wasting time, now they usually leave on the asphalt – and continue the struggle. Asphalt safety zones are a better solution than gravel traps, as long as the riders don’t abuse it.

Sainz had an accident while trying to get back on the track. I am sure – Michael Masi and the FIA ​​will do everything to find the best solution for the second turn of the track in Sochi.

Renault progress

In recent races, Renault’s progress has become obvious, the team has clearly added, and Daniel Riccardo and Esteban Ocon are performing at the highest level. They are now just seven points behind McLaren in the fight for third place in the constructors’ championship.

If, with the previous stability, they find great speed, then they can become the best in the middle group of teams, which now includes Ferrari.

We saw another excellent performance by Sergio Perez, who will leave Racing Point at the end of the year. He is still worried about how they parted with him, choosing Sebastian Vettel for next year, but this does not affect his performances, but even more motivates.

Sergio’s performance is especially impressive in that there was no major upgrade on his car that his teammate Lance Stroll is already using. Sergio deserves the opportunity to stay in Formula 1.

Mick Schumacher is making steady progress. When you carry the name Schumacher, performing is not easy. It helps in some situations, but you are always under close scrutiny.

Mick does this surprisingly well. In the second half of this season, his second season in Formula 2, Mick looks like a mature and experienced driver. He had a great weekend in Sochi – and I am very optimistic about his future.



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