Ross Brown on the results of the Italian Grand Prix …

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Formula 1 sporting director Ross Brown summed up the results of the stage in Monza …

It seemed that the race in Monza would be quite predictable, but the departure of the safety car, red flags and a couple of fines completely changed the situation.

It’s amazing that Mercedes cars with such excellent aerodynamics have had such a difficult time overtaking rivals. You saw that the performance of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas was compromised by unusual positions. Surprisingly, even the dominant car in traffic has serious problems. That is why we are confident that the new generation cars due to appear in Formula 1 in 2022 will contribute to a much tighter struggle.

A new generation is coming

When Lewis was fined, I thought that Carlos Sainz should win the race, but I underestimated Pierre Gasly’s aerobatics. The race has shown that Formula 1 has a great future. Lance blames himself for slipping on the restart, Carlos is disappointed that he missed the victory, but their time will come.

Gasley did not make a single mistake. Pierre has come a long way since being transferred from Red Bull to Toro Rosso, which has since become AlphaTauri, and his first win was a reward for toughness. Pierre has a really strong character. Surviving such a downturn in your career and re-achieving success is very difficult. He knows how to analyze the situation, find his weak points, draw conclusions – and move on.

In the race, he did not make a single mistake, even when Carlos approached and began to put pressure. A rider who has gone through such difficulties in his career can either get stronger or retreat. Pierre found the strength and coped. Great job!

Hamilton and Stop & Go

When the race was stopped by the red flags, Lewis went to the stewards’ office to discuss the fine that would rob him of his race leadership. Seeing the video, he realized that the fine was well deserved.

Lewis did a great job. Of course, he was upset that he made a mistake, but resigned and attacked. He left Monza with a 47 point lead in the individual competition. Great result, because it could have been much worse.

Reverse start deserves attention

When discussing calendar options for the 2020 season, we considered the possibility of testing a reversible grid at Monza. Unfortunately, it was not possible to agree, but there is a concept – and we will discuss it with the FIA ​​and the teams for the next season.

In yesterday’s race, we saw how an unexpected power shift in the race can add interest. The cars will remain the same next year, but we can offer new ways to create intrigue, repeating the drama that we saw at Monza.

In reverse start races, teams will tune the cars differently. Now Mercedes tunes the cars so as to drive the best lap in qualifying, and then control the course of the race after starting from the first row. But if they know in advance what to overtake, the settings will be completely different. We continue to evaluate various options for enhancing the entertainment, while maintaining the essence of Formula 1.

Fighting spirit of Formula 1

Behind eight Grand Prix. Formally, this number of races is enough to hold the world championship and determine the champion.

Fortunately, we still have nine Grand Prix ahead, but what we have already achieved at this point was the result of the hard work of all participants. Who would have thought in March that by the beginning of September we will have eight races. This is a remarkable achievement – and we are ready to continue.

Williams gave me a chance in Formula 1

It is a pity that for Claire and Frank Williams weekend at Monza was the last in Formula 1. They were truly iconic people. I started my career with this team, they gave me my first chance in Formula 1.

I’m sad to see them leaving, but I’m encouraged by the fact that they had no problem selling the team and raising the investment needed to make the team progress.



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