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At the Portuguese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton once again demonstrated his skill, having won his 92nd victory – so many races won by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost combined. Formula 1 sporting director Ross Brown commented on the main results of the weekend.

It was Lewis’s next showcase. Now he has no equal. At the beginning of the race, he lost a couple of positions, and everyone started up, but he quickly coped with the frustration, in his usual style, he won back and won. 92 victories is an incredible achievement. And who knows when it will stop.

I noticed his ability to diversify his life and separate racing from everything else when I first started working with him at Mercedes. He has interests outside of Formula 1, but he seems to be able to put all that aside when he gets behind the wheel of a racing car and produces amazing results. This impresses anyone whose life is devoted to just one occupation.

Lewis doesn’t have many weaknesses, and he rarely makes mistakes, with outstanding stability. It is she who underlies his success. Now he is at the peak of the form, and nothing says that he is going to slow down.

Portugal gave us an exciting race

The Algarve International Circuit has proven its excellent reputation. This wonderful track, characterized by elevation differences, gave us an exciting Grand Prix. The surrounding landscapes are also just fabulous, and it’s great that even in October, races can be held in Europe, and in conditions that contribute to the most interesting struggle.

Immediately after the start, the usual balance of power changed, and it was nice to see how the McLaren car again took the lead, although not for long. But at least we got the first idea of ​​how the races might go in the future when the new regulations come into force. At least we hope so.

Leclair reminds me of Hamilton and Schumacher

Once again, Charles Leclair spoke confidently, which gives Ferrari a fighting spirit in the preparation for next year, because this season the team has serious difficulties. Scuderia understands that he is capable of showing very high results, but this requires a more competitive car.

When a rider has to deal with a problematic technique, the situation can develop in two scenarios. Either he loses motivation and acts worse and worse than he only aggravates everything, or he acts like Charles, i.e. makes even more efforts, tries to squeeze the maximum out of the car, and this helps the team in a difficult period.

This hardens the rider, and when he gets a good car, he immediately feels the strength to perform much better. I often noticed this in Michael Schumacher, who managed to win races even when the car did not allow to fight for victory. This is how you become champions.

Lewis has the same qualities. Now he has a great car, but I remember that he won and did not drive the fastest vehicles. Charles does the same for Ferrari.

Kimi’s age is not a hindrance

We never doubted that Kimi is still capable of a lot, which he demonstrated in Portugal when the opportunity presented itself. He drove a wonderful first lap, which can be considered an example of what a smart driver can achieve even behind the wheel of not the fastest car and despite difficult conditions, if he takes full advantage of the circumstances.

It was a glorious sight! Kimi is a legendary racer, world champion, and in his forties, he still has gunpowder in the powder flasks.

Change at Haas

The Haas team made a bold move by deciding to completely revamp the roster the following year. Moreover, you always want to find a balance between continuity and the desire for change.

Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen have amused us for several years and have contributed to the formation of the American team. But now it is very interesting to follow Haas’ attempt to change direction, and there is some intrigue as to who they will decide to sign with next year.



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