Ross Brown in Mercedes deserved everything that they achieved

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Formula 1 Sporting Director Ross Brown on the results of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, the seventh Mercedes Constructors’ Cup and the lost Racing Point podium …

We are happy to return to Imola

Europe, like the whole world, is going through a difficult period due to the coronavirus pandemic, but I hope that Formula 1 is able to distract fans from this problem for at least a few hours.

The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix is ​​an exciting race on a track with a rich history, with which I have many memories. I am glad that the promoters have organized an excellent racing weekend in such a short period of time.

This year we have visited several classic tracks that have returned to the calendar after a long hiatus – all of which have proven that track configuration can inspire fun wrestling. That is why we want to participate in the design of new tracks, using the lessons of the past. We believe that each new track should provide unique opportunities.

Given the experience of Formula 1 and the FIA, I believe that we can handle it. The same goes for cars. We are working to make the new cars allow fighting on the track. The two-day racing weekend format worked great and we will draw conclusions. This will open up new opportunities for us in the future.

Mercedes deserves everything we have achieved

In 2014, Mercedes began a terrific period, and last Sunday they surpassed the Ferrari record, which also owes my credit. By achieving such results, you understand that one day they will be surpassed. It’s great that this record has been surpassed by people I know very well, because I worked a lot with them and consider them my friends. At the heart of this organization are the same people who once built the Brawn GP team.

They deserve everything they have achieved. My congratulations to Toto Wolff – he is a great leader, and also to the drivers for having achieved excellent results and Mercedes for such a vision. Their task now is to maintain this stability during the financial, sporting and technical changes that will take place over the next few years. Large-scale changes await us, capable of changing the balance of power.

Hamilton showed why he became champion

The great world champions win even those races in which no one expected them to win, and in Imola Lewis Hamilton proved it again. It is a pity that Valtteri has a problem, but such situations should be used.

Lewis drove amazing circles at the end of the first segment – and at the right time was in the right place. Yes, he was helped by a virtual safety car, but he did his job.

Mercedes made an interesting decision when Lewis, leading the race on a free track, asked the team to wait with a pit stop. He believed that the tire life was not yet exhausted – perhaps the pit wall did not know this. I think they made the right decision, and although it could upset Valtteri, he was not too offended, because he was losing speed due to damage.

Racing Point missed the podium due to strategy

Sergio Perez was in third place during the safety car, and Racing Point’s decision to pit stop may have cost the team the podium. Sergio knows how to work with rubber. If anyone can ride one set of tires to the finish line defending the position, it is Perez. And don’t forget – it is very difficult to overtake in Imola. I am sure the team will analyze this decision and draw conclusions.

Racing Point could become a race hero. It was too bold on their part to expect Sergio to play four positions. The tires behaved much more stable than predicted, but this became clear only during the race.

Riccardo deserves a round of applause

Daniel Riccardo is a great driver, one of the best in Formula 1. I am impressed with his next podium. I have no doubt that if he played in Mercedes, he would have achieved pole positions and victories, and also fought for the title.

Now he works great, and Renault will be upset with his departure, even if he is replaced by Fernando Alonso. Hopefully next year McLaren will give Riccardo the car he deserves. He is a great member of the Formula 1 family.

Excellent result of Kvyat

Daniel had an excellent race and showed what the AlphaTauri car is capable of, so fast on the legendary Imola. In several previous races, the Russian driver was in the shadow of Pierre Gasly, but on Sunday he came to the fore and performed superbly.

After such a race, he earned a place in Formula 1, but we’ll see if he will remain in the team. The situation in Formula 1 is amazing right now – we have so many good drivers and we would like to continue to nurture new talents from Formula 2 and Formula 3.



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