Media person and entrepreneur Rosanna Kulju posted an update on his Instagram account stating that he had just traveled to Italy. Kulju, who works in the event industry, says in her update that the past year has been miserable for her on the work front due to the corona pandemic, and on the trip she is planning her future work patterns.

– I’ve come over to my friend for two weeks in Italy. I am an entrepreneur in the event industry, and this year has been at least miserable in terms of gigs due to all the cancellations, Kulju writes.

– It is necessary to look ahead and think about how events can be organized according to the new normal in the future, life must continue, he continues.

Kulju says he is aware that travel is currently questionable and assures that he will follow all the given rules to ensure his own safety and the safety of others.

– Here I am indeed with my friend, the two of his residence in the mountains, planned for next year for future työkeikkoja Monaco, and human contacts is the time to zero compared to what they would be in Finland I’m doing. The mask compulsion is everywhere and anyway I follow all the rules given to the best of my ability, he says.

Kulju states that he will go to the corona test as soon as he returns from Finland.

When I return to Finland, I follow the Finnish rules on how to act after the trip, of course for the corona test first. I spend two weeks here meditating, working, and trying to calm myself down, he notes.