Rosana’s moving gesture: shaves her head to support her brother with cancer

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The Spanish singer shared her decision with her followers and there was a flood of praise and messages of hope.

Rosana (56) is going through one of the most difficult moments of her life. While in Colombia for work reasons, the Spanish received the sad news that one of her seven brothers was diagnosed with lung cancer. To support her family despite the distance, the singer made a touching gesture.

The interpreter of To simmer surprised his Instagram followers by posting a photo in which heYou can see that she got rid of her characteristic curlers and shaved her head. “For you and with you brother … #lavidaesbonita #lavidaespacomcursos #lomejorestaporllegar #llegaremosatiempo, “he wrote next to the image.

Hair loss due to chemotherapy is a fact that many cancer patients go through and something difficult to assume, which usually damages the self-esteem of patients. The singer wanted to console her brother in this long process. The image so far exceeded 5,000 likes and garnered more than 500 comments of followers who supported her in the decision.

This was not the only gesture of love towards his brother. The Spanish station Cadena Cien asked the singer-songwriter for a song for the concert With them, to be held on October 19. It is an annual show that the station organizes to raise funds and honor women with breast cancer.

“The irony is that you commissioned this hymn from me and just today that the song is finished, they tell me that one of my brothers has lung cancer. Today I need this song to be for my brother “, Rosana said without being able to avoid getting emotional during an interview with that station the day before shaving her hair.

The artist then composed Life is Beautiful, your new topic. “If life stabs you with a rusty-tipped spear, you realize how much it is worth and how little it costs”says the first stanza.

Rosana’s family has already had a similar experience. “When I took out Broken moons, my first album, I had a sister with cancer who was very ill, and at that moment I make the song Without fear and I dedicate it to him on the album. Thanks to the miracles, she recovered and is doing great, “she explained in conversation with Spanish radio.

The last time has not been easy for the author of successes like The talisman, I’m not there for you or If you’re not there. In November 2019, he ended his relationship with journalist Toñi Moreno, who at that time was pregnant.

After two years of courtship, according to Spanish sites, Moreno expected the singer to be more committed to the relationship since there were just a few months before the birth of Lola, the first daughter of the driver. Although motherhood was a solo decision for the journalist, she expected her partner to get involved.

After the breakup, Rosana decided to settle in Colombia where she was recording a television program. With the arrival of the pandemic in Latin America in March, the singer stayed to respect the quarantine and finish her commitments.

Rosana Arbelo Gopar (her full name) will turn 56 on October 24.


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