Two renowned vocalists and composers, Rosalía and the American Pharrell Williams, have called this Thursday to record companies and platforms of streaming a create more women-friendly environments in the music industry, disadvantaged by a supposed “macho algorithm”.

Rosalía and Williams have presented together at the virtual conference Latin Music Week, of the Billboard organization, during a talk in which They also explained the process of their respective jobs.

“In the Latin music industry there is still a systemic problem, that prevents women from having the same opportunities to grow and the same success as men “, said Rosalía, who fuses flamenco, electronic music and urban rhythms.

As she has commented, this does not mean “that I am not grateful for everything that is happening in my career and, yes, I work a lot, but I know that there are many female artists who also work a lot, but that things have not aligned in the way that has happened to me. “

For his part, Pharrell Williams, who for two years has worked with Rose, as he calls it, has recognized that he has been “learning how the Latin side works.”

“This is an important moment to support the women of Latin music. It would be wonderful if all the record companies really promote their female (artists) “, declared the music producer, well known worldwide for his song Happy (2013).

“I know that spaces are opening up and developing female talents, but the most important thing is the moment they sign the contract, what are the conditions “, highlighted the American.

“As there is no position of equality (…), women have to show much more that we men deserve certain things that for them are automatic, “Rosalía warned.

Macho algorithm

Rosalía, who has spent most of 2020 in the United States, between Miami and Los Angeles, is struck by how the algorithm of the platforms of streaminglike Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Pandora.

“Women we don’t have the mechanical benefit of digital providers of music, “he says.

“It has caught my attention how when a woman participates in a collaboration, even if she has the longest time in a song, they usually put their name in the second or third place. This makes the algorithm not take it into account and it makes it more difficult for it to be heard by new listeners, “he criticized.

In this regard, Williams has appealed “to a change of the algorithm to take this into account”, Well, he says, “the way of doing business is not helping.”

Williams has flattered the Spanish artist, who with the album Evil wanting figured in the list of best albums of The New York Times in 2018. He says that, in addition to possessing “an exceptional mind,” has an “unlimited” passion for work.

“When I met her she impressed me and the first thing I did was call the Sony Music executives to tell them not to let her leave the building without talking to her, “says the American, also known for songs like Blurred Lines, Safari and his collaboration with J Balvin.

Both connect in a “multicultural vision of what music is”, with a proposal that includes dance, the performing arts and the design of sets and costumes.

Williams assures that now that “Latin music is already seen as normal in the general market, the time has come to give more light to artists like Rosalía, to women who are defying conventions in music “.

As every year, before the Telemundo network broadcast of the Billboard Awards, the Latin Music Week o Latin Music Week, taking advantage of the presence of the artists, producers and composers who traveled to attend the awards ceremony.