Roope Salminen, who became known as a presenter, actor and musician, published an update on Instagram on Christmas Eve 2019, in which he told about his upcoming criminal charge.

He had been charged with the criminal offense of “coercion into a sexual act”.

Now the district court has given its verdict. According to it, Salminen is guilty. The verdict handed down by the district court is secret, but the public part describes the act as follows.

–Salminen has gone a moment later *** to the room and lay in the same bed as ***. Salminen took at least the outerwear and panties off his feet and ordered and assisted *** to take off his outerwear and panties.

Salminen has been lying in bed without pants *** behind, who has not had pants on his feet in the so-called spoon position. *** has not been able to defend himself or to form or express his will due to his intoxication state and was unable to leave the situation.

Salminen received 70 daily fines for the crime, of which EUR 2,380 will accrue on Salminen’s income. In addition, Salminen was ordered to compensate the victim EUR 1,000 for the suffering.

Denyed the charges

Salminen vehemently denied his guilt as soon as the charges came to light.

– I am absolutely innocent. I hope that the matter will proceed to court as soon as possible in order to obtain a court decision in the matter, Salminen said at his Instagram in December.

– I have a duty of confidentiality. Unfortunately, I can’t comment, Salminen told Iltalehti later.

The sexual offense was heard in the Helsinki District Court on 20 August. The trial was kept secret.

Prosecutor Jutta Juntunen told Iltalehti as early as January that there is not much more to tell in the case than what has already been discussed in public.

– I also insisted that the story dealt with behind closed doors. It is very typical in sexual offenses, they are basically always dealt with in camera, Juntunen said at the time.

Now the district court has made its decision on the case. According to it, Roope Salminen is to blame. The whole process took almost a year.

The verdict is not yet final.