Actor-musician Roope Salminen was fined in a district court for a sexual act. The verdict is not yet final, as Salminen has announced that he will appeal to the Court of Appeal.

In connection with the judgment, the District Court published as written evidence the whatsapp communication between Salminen and the plaintiff.

A whatsapp conversation between Salminen and the plaintiff on August 21, 2015 at 9:38 pm – August 22, 2015 at 5:29 am shows that the party owner has written “Went over yesterday”, “now it’s darra and fucking everyone”.

The communication gives the impression that Salminen and the owner are calmly going through the events of the previous evening.

The plaintiff and Salminen are planning a meeting. Salminen requests the interested party to Tavastia and the interested party from Salmi to Töölö.

– After that gig. If your roommate doesn’t kick me out AGAIN, Salminen says.

The plaintiff replies that no one else is at home. He suggests they make food and go to the roof.

– You can listen to my fucking account for half an hour, the lawyer throws.

Delayed from the train

There are pauses in the conversation for a few hours. The plaintiff will resume on August 22, 2015 at 2.33.

– Can you see, but don’t come for the night? the plaintiff says.

Salminen asks “why.”

The plaintiff does not state the reason, but inquires where Salminen is. The plaintiff asks if they could meet. Salminen asks why he could not stay the night, to which the plaintiff replies:

– Because the gang is here to fuck me and I don’t need extra here now. Shit is Depressing.

– It ‘s super nice to come and give you an orgasm Tho, Salminen writes.

– How drunk are you lol. However, if there were now, the party concerned would react.

– Onks sul carrot or something, Salminen asks.

– No, but shit, I’m late for the train. Went too long evening, the owner in charge.

Salminen asks: “well what” to which the plaintiff replies: “nothing if you want to talk, that’s what happens”.

Still drunk in the afternoon

– Somehow you have a bad feeling about what happened, Salminen asks.

– Well, nothing happens except you are not late for the train, the person in charge answers and continues “but”.

– But? Salminen asks.

– I was confused about it, you don’t stay trying to hit me all night when you’re in practice *** AND you’ve been there before, bro, the party opens.

– So are you skipping the fact that it was bagged AND that it was a fucking jes? Salminen asks.

– Mm from that carrot, the lawyer admits.

Salminen asks why the “carrot” is due.

– Since we are *** and hopefully also really friends, the plaintiff will answer.

Salminen asks the plaintiff about the carrot and states “why the hell, this is quite a legitimate question, I’m interested”.

– It’s okay. I drank too much, the gangs came to the next day’s cabin, which was supposed to be ***. I was then (sometimes in the afternoon! From three) still drunk himas, the plaintiff says of his bad mood.

“But you don’t have to be anxious, we weren’t provided with a little fucking, because the must was just a win for all parties,” says Salminen.

– Okay, I disagree, says the party.

– Tell me more, of course, Salminen asks.

– Is it possible to chat about this preferred ftf, the party will communicate.

After that, Salminen and the party agreed on a meeting.

Crime report after three years

Three years after the events, the party filed a criminal report.

In the district court, he had said he was depressed after the events and had panic attacks. This is apparent from the report section of the district court judgment.

His grades had suffered and he had had to stop studying for a short time. He had regularly returned to events, and at first he had tried to survive on his own.

Eventually, however, the plaintiff had ended up filing a criminal report in March 2018 because he had wanted to investigate the matter, to find out the grounds for the district court’s verdict.

It had taken a long time to report the crime because he had been depressed. The plaintiff had begun to be anxious that the criminal case might become time-barred.

He had wanted justice for himself, the grounds state.