Roomba s9 +, this is the robot that makes magic at home

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Behind this new domestic vacuum machine is iRobot, a company with more than 30 years of experience in robotics and innovation, which has already sold more than 30 million home vacuum cleaners. Its latest model, Roomba s9+, has advanced navigation technology and a design prepared to reach every corner. The technology PerfectEdge removes dirt with the added benefit of automatically emptying its tank on the charging base, reducing the need to take care of the appliance and consequently making it more user-friendly.

Outstanding Features

The technology PerfectEdge It works in three phases: it lifts, extracts and sucks the dirt, with a suction capacity up to 40 times higher than previous models of the brand, which translates into improved results.

It cleans and empties the tank by itself, as it has a charging and self-emptying base. The team can empty its tank for 30 days, without the need for user intervention, into a disposable bag (AllergenLock) that uses four layers of allergen blocking material, and capable of trapping the 99% of pollen and mold.

He is guided by his intelligence and thanks to vSLAM navigation system, which learns the layout of the space to be cleaned and builds smart maps that can be customized.

Accept full control to clean how, when and where it’s needed. The technology Imprint Smart Mapping send the robot where it is needed. It can clean specific areas of rooms, such as in front of the sofa or under a table, and accepts voice commands.

A relevant fact is that a team for domestic cleaning can be formed, thanks to coordination technology Imprint Link, the Roomba s9 + and the Braava jet m6 scrubber are synchronized to vacuum and scrub in a sequential order – when Roomba finishes vacuuming, Braava automatically starts scrubbing.

Learn cleaning habits and do personalized suggestions. It also makes recommendations such as: extra cleaning during allergy season, or shedding pet hair.

Tips for better results

The self-emptying station Clean Base It should be placed in an open, clear area with consistent Wi-Fi coverage. The side ventilation of the robot vacuum cleaner must not be obstructed.

The creating a smart map takes a few minutes. The robot requires approximately three full tours of an entire space before the Imprint mapping takes place. You can save time by choosing the training cycle, which turns off the robot vacuum cleaner motor and brushes to save battery life.

It is a good idea to train the robot in situations of variable lighting, so that you work knowing the changing light conditions of the environment.

Intelligence that helps

Roomba s9 + has a new cleaning system with a suction power up to 40 times superior compared to robot vacuum cleaners of previous generations of the brand.

It learns, maps and adapts to the home through a navigation system called vSLAM It works by collecting more than 230,400 data points every second, which the 1.3 Ghz quad-core processor uses to create an exact map of the house. For its part, the intelligent mapping Imprint Smart Mapping allows you to control which rooms to clean and when. Roomba s9 + travels efficiently, keeping track of where it has been and what’s left to clean.

A sensor 3D constantly scans what is in front of the robot at a speed of 25 times per second allowing it to go into corners, the edges of walls and cleaning large areas with good results.

It presents a system of 3-stage cleaning with 10 times the suction power. It can work uninterruptedly for 90 minutes.

Compatible with voice assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant) via wifi. The functionalities are updated as new advantages developed by the brand come out.

The product in use. The results

The Roomba s9 +, which, as noted, provides technological features designed to improve cleaning in the domestic space, presents 30% wider rubber brushes, and one specially designed for corners. Each brush has bearings that remain in constant contact with the different types of surfaces, both on floors (wood, flooring, ceramic) and on rugs or carpets; they adjust and flex as needed to pick up and vacuum everything from tiny dust and dirt to larger hair and debris. The side brush, specially designed for covering corners and edges, has five 30mm arms to remove dirt.

These mechanical components together with the iRobot’s proprietary iAdapt 3.0 navigation with vSLAM technology helps the robot navigate the house efficiently, recording where it has been and what remains to be cleaned. It constantly scans everything in front of it at a speed of 25 times per second. Using smart mapping technology, it memorizes the layout of the house, giving users control to choose which rooms are cleaned and when.

When it detects rugs or carpets, it uses its technology Power Boost to automatically increase suction and remove hidden dirt and debris from the carpet fibers.

Possibilities and values

The robot can be programmed via the mobile app or it can be started by pressing the Clean button. Users can also initiate a voice-controlled cleaning when the device is paired with compatible devices such as Alexa or the Google Assistant.

It has an anti-allergen system that traps and blocks pollen and mold microorganisms, preventing them from escaping into the environment. The kit includes a filter that captures 99% of allergens, pollen and dust mites.

Once the robot finishes cleaning, it returns to the charging station to automatically empty its contents into the disposable bag. The loading station accommodates 30 bins full of debris, allowing you to forget about this task for weeks.

Latest improvements

With the launch of iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, a platform for the brand’s machines, offers a higher level of customization and control over the device. The interface is a redesign of the iRobot Home App to provide a control center with easy, custom cleaning commands. Offers cleaning based on habits and personal preferences of the user, which favors a more efficient experience.

The platform makes it possible to send the robot to clean specific areas with the function Clean Zones. Using this technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, self-learning is used to detect dirt and proactively suggest cleaning around specific objects.

This development allows to know the user’s cleaning routine system, to create new functionalities such as, for example, automations to start or stop cleaning, or specific recommendations for the home. The option of Bookmarks makes it possible to create and access preset cleaning modes such as After dinner which tells the robot to clean the dining room and in front of the kitchen counter; Bedtime to clean the game room and living room floors, or Clear all, to start the whole house process.

Pricing and availability

Roomba s9 + with automatic emptying station is available at a price of 1,499 euros.



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