Ronaldo Nazario marked an era in world football, especially during his time at the Real Madrid. From the hand of the white club became the most mediatic footballer in the world on and off the field of play, to the point that he himself recognizes that “there is a legend around what it was”, referring to their famous parties and celebrations birthday.

The former forward and current president of the Valladolid was sincere with Jorge Valdano in his Movistar + space, where he did not hide that “at some time I have been able to throw one more party but it was not like that. I have always been very responsible, I have always tried not to damage my physique “.

Of course, Ronaldo admitted openly that “after the games won I did like to celebrate and how we always won… it was a problem, “he said with a laugh.

These continued when Valdano brought up the subject of his birthdays and the arrival of the famous bus full of young ladies: “There is a lot more legend than it really was and apart from the fact that my birthday, which went down in history as the most famous of all, with the arrival of the bus, “said ‘El Fenómeno’.

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In this context, Ronaldo recognizes that “it was a spectacular time” and recalled a comment that he often makes: “I say that Real Madrid and Madrid are the best combination of city – team that one can find in life, “he declared in a nostalgic tone.