Ronaldo overjoyed with the hundredth international goal: ‘although it was not an obsession’

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Cristiano Ronaldo is overjoyed that he reached the 100-goal mark for Portugal on Tuesday. The five-time World Footballer of the Year helped his country with two goals past Sweden in the Nations League (0-2).

“I enjoy being part of this team. It’s great that I scored my 100th goal, even if it wasn’t an obsession. Records come naturally,” Ronaldo said at the Friends Arena in Solna after his 165th international match.

“It makes me very happy. Only God knows what my future will look like, but I still feel good and I think it is wonderful to play in this young team. We should enjoy this together.”

The 35-year-old Ronaldo is only the second player after Ali Daei from Iran with a hundred international goals and reached his milestone by opening the score in Sweden with a nice free kick. In the second half, a nice shot into the far corner meant goal number 101 on behalf of Portugal.

It is sometimes said that Portugal plays better if Ronaldo does not participate, but the star can do little with that. “I knew I would make my mark again tonight. I don’t care what is said because what I have accomplished over the years speaks for itself. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore.”

Portugal already won the first Nations League game against Croatia 4-1 on Saturday. Ronaldo was missing at the time due to an injury.

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