Ronaldinho seems doomed to not be able to move anywhere in 2020. After spending five months incarcerated in Paraguay and be released at the end of August, you will now have to be quarantined after testing positive for coronavirus.

He has told it himself in a video on instagram stories, where he sends a reassuring message to both his fans and his family. “I’m fine, I’m asymptomatic at home”, he said, smiling, in a video where he mentioned, among others, AtlĂ©tico Mineiro, a club from Belo Horizonte where he is currently based.

Ronaldinho has a 2020 to forget. His court problems have not only cost him five months in jail, but a good sum of money in lawyers and fines to get out of prison.

Now it will have to be, at least, 14 days isolated and undergo tests to ensure that the disease has passed, as long as it is not complicated. Brazil is the third country in the world with the most detected infections, more than 5.3 million, and the second with the most deaths for the pandemic, almost 157,000.