Roña Castro ran into one of the thieves who had assaulted him and did not wait for the police: “I screwed up well.”

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The former boxer recounted the reaction he had when he found one of the young men on the street who had stolen his cell phone and wallet at gunpoint last week.

Almost a week ago, Jorge Locomotora Castro suffered violent robbery when he went to his gym in Barrio San José, in the Buenos Aires town of Temperley. As he related in the first instance, two thieves got out of a car, intercepted it and, while one pointed a gun at him, the other stole money and a cell phone.

The news took on even more significance when Roña used his Facebook account to send a message to his perpetrators: “Regrettable. I invite you to come to the gym today. Come, I’m going to teach you to respect and take care of life with the box. The day they learn, they will stop doing the handsome choreando and they will have a behavior in life “.

This Wednesday, days after the fact, the 53-year-old former boxer gave more details of what happened and revealed the violent reaction he had when he met one of the robbers on the street.

Do you want me to tell you the truth? I grabbed it yesterday and screwed it up good. Nobody knows, I did not want to comment. I found it in front of my business. ‘This is the one who stole from me,’ I said. I went and got it. When he saw me, he shitted and peed. There I told him ‘you were the one who stole from me’. ‘Excuse me, Roña’, he told me. I blew it off with this jerk when I grabbed it. ”

In addition, in dialogue with Planeta 947, they asked him if he feared reprisal from thieves and he was forceful with his response: “He has to have balls to come and get me again because they know that I help everyone and I am good to everyone. I have a dining room, I distribute clothes, non-perishable food and I receive donations ”.

The former world champion from Santa Cruz also gave more details about the robbery. “When you see a revolver you give up what you don’t have. One told me ‘stay still’ and grabbed my pocket and my cell phone”, started.

And he continued: “The guy recognized me when I lowered my chinstrap but they were played, they both pointed at me. The one who grabbed the money I ate it, but the other one pointed at me. I preferred that they take everything and stay calm, but the scare and shit nobody takes it from you. I am a male on the street and in the ring, but since gunpowder was invented, males are over ”.

Although Castro assured that he could buy a new cell phone to replace the stolen one, he regretted the photos he lost on the other phone, Among which he had images of family, friends and many figures such as Diego Maradona and Nelson Mandela.



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