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He learned from her. And it is part of your habit changes after a treatment to abandon excesses.

Among the bands that inhabit the rock universe, The Rolling Stones is on the podium of those associated with excesses and responds perfectly to the famous slogan sex, drugs and rock and roll. Time passed, the boys grew up and are now engaged in healthier hobbies: for example, Ron Wood has just said that he is dedicated to knitting and makes his own scarves.

The guitarist, 73, shared this intimacy on the podcast Tea with Twiggy, a series of celebrity talks hosted by a former supermodel in the ’60s and’ 70s. In this friendly and relaxed setting, the member of the Stones said that he is far from cocaine and close to wool.

“Yew. I used to hold the skein of wool for my mom. She taught me the simple stitch and I still do it. Now I knit endless scarves, ”revealed Wood, who he’s been drug and alcohol clean for a decade.

The guitarist is the father of six children, who have already given him six grandchildren. Jesse (41), is the daughter of his first wife, Krissy. Leah (40), Tyrone (35) and their adopted son Jamie (44), are the product of his marriage to Jo Wood, which lasted between 1985 and 2008. With his third and current wife, Sally Humphreys, 41, he had twins Alice and Gracie, four years old.

The tissue It is part of your habit changes after undergoing a treatment to stop excesses. Another hobby he acquired during his rehabilitation is painting: every so often, he shares some of his paintings on social networks.

In fact, the one who helped him to recover is the famous plastic artist Damien Hirst. Wood used to show up at celebrity parties snorting crack with his famous Bunsen burner. Until Ronnie O’Sullivan, a famous billiard player, told Hirst that he was concerned about the rocker’s health.

So Hirst decided to take him to a rehab clinic. Since then, she encourages her friend the Stone from social networks to continue with her paintings. See what you think of Wood’s textile skills.

In the interview with Twiggy. the guitarist said that, in order to acquire less harmful addictions, he drinks a lot of coffee. “I am a man of expressos. But it’s an old habit left over from rehab. There was nothing I could do, so the topic was coffee. I hope to be a living and walking example that coffee is good, because I drink a lot ”.

The musician had recently said that he believed he was saved from having a fatal overdose thanks to a valve in his brain that saved his life. “Fortunately I had a valve that disconnected. If it was going to be too much in my body, that said ‘no, don’t go further, don’t cross the line, otherwise you won’t count it.’

And he added: “I always had in mind that it could be a limit point or too much. If he didn’t control this, then it meant he would jump off the edge of the cliff. ” From his point of view, everything is better now that he is sober. “I cleaned! My life is better now. Was I ready to clean up? Yes, I was. I don’t keep any anger or bitterness. Now I am wiser. I had great moments and I still live them, but in a different way ”.

Wood said he had many signs that he had to quit drugs and alcohol. “I know there were times when I could have been a little more careful. There were times when I was narrowly saved and I guess if I had been using my brain properly I wouldn’t have been this close to disaster. “

During the quarantine, Wood stood in solidarity with addicts from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous who are unable to attend their meetings and shared on Twitter a series of tips to prevent people in recovery from relapsing.



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