Romanians, digitally illiterate: the problem that brings our economy to its knees, in fact

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If your friends know how to install a Windows or format a document in Word, know that they are exceptions to the rule. Two out of three Romanians are digitally illiterate.

Just as Romania has a record number of functionally illiterates, we are at the top of the list when it comes to digital illiterates. The latter are people who have no contact with the computer, do not know how to make a table in Excel or interact correctly with files. Two out of three Romanians are in this situation, according to a report published by Google Romania.

The problem would not be so serious if we did not live in a century online, and the pandemic would not have accelerated the transition to services offered exclusively on the Internet. According to Google, most Romanian SMEs do not have any online presence, because the people in charge or employees do not have the necessary knowledge. Moreover, he is not aware of the benefits of a transition from offline to online.

“We recently signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Education and we started collaborating very closely, in March-April, since the pandemic started to support the continuation of schools. We already had those products, which we used to offer for free for schools, but they were not used. And, you realize, when the pandemic came, tens of thousands of teachers and thousands of schools needed this support, “said Dan Oros, marketing director of Google Romania.

In theory, efforts have been made to educate Romanians and present the benefits of the online environment. In practice, you need to have someone to take those courses with. “Through our partners, I believe that so far, we have done training courses with over 50,000 teachers so far and we have several thousand schools that use our tools and platforms. We have collaborated and are collaborating very closely with the Ministry of Economy and SMEs with educational programs for SMEs that want to learn to enter the online environment. And here we refer more on the part of trainings, of workshops, that is, strictly on the educational side “, the Google official also said.

The reluctance of Romanians is hard to beat, according to the head of Google Romania. “They [cursurile] they are free and accessible everywhere, but we believe that there is a very large group of people who do not have this kind of information, and if it did, we could somehow speed things up. If we look at the studies, we will notice that only 31% of Romanians have basic digital skills. Here we are not talking about social networks, but about the idea of ​​using a computer for productivity, sending an email and creating a presentation “, said the official of Google Romania.


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