During the construction of a new metro line in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the country’s transport minister has had to change 15 times. The seven-kilometer-long track cost 660 million euros and the work took more than five years to overtime. This week, however, the “Romanian Western Metro” finally got its expected opening.

Construction of a metro line connecting the Drumul Taberei area to the rest of the city began in 2011. The work was scheduled to be completed in three years, but the project faced numerous setbacks.

– This is not acceptable. More than a hundred years ago, King Charles I built 4,000 kilometers of railroads in 40 years, and we are proud to have built a seven-kilometer subway line over nine years, a civil engineer and the country’s former minister of public works Nicolae Noica says Euronewsille.

– It’s like things are going back here in Romania. Despite modern technology, the completion of projects takes much longer than a century ago.

The new metro line M5 was opened last Wednesday. The current Romanian Minister of Transport Lucian Bode calls the project huge, but rejoices that the line has finally been put into operation. President of the country Klaus Iohannis in turn, says the track has acquired a questionable reputation, and praises the determination of the current government.

– The line was about to become its own legend of procrastination. But then came a determined government that wanted to prove that such things can be successfully completed, Iohannis says.