Romania puts 12 million euros on the table: why the amount is vital for the health of the citizens

Romania has approved a payment of 12 million euros, and the amount is vital for the health of the citizens.

Romania is putting money on the table to ensure that one of the effective anti-Covid vaccines reaches the country. The Minister of Finance, Florin Cîțu, claims that he approved an external payment worth 12 million euros. The money goes to the European Union, which deals with procurement.

The announcement was made on Facebook.

“All Romanians need to know! I signed the external payment to the EC, representing the COVID-19 vaccine advance, in the amount of 12,058,345 Euro! ”, Shows a message published by Florin Cîțu, on Facebook.

12 million euros for vaccines in Romania

It should be noted that the money was given for Romania to be insured when the vaccines are authorized. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has announced that it could approve the first vaccines against COVID-19 by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year at the latest. The first doses of COVID-19 vaccine could reach Romania as early as the end of December, said doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign.

The vaccine will be administered in stages to the population, according to President Klaus Iohannis. Thus, the population will be able to be vaccinated at work, in specially arranged centers and including “drive-through”.

The European Commission, which is negotiating on behalf of the 27 EU member states, has concluded six contracts for the delivery of coronavirus vaccines.

Thus, the EU has six contracts for pre-ordering candidate vaccines: with the pharmaceutical company Moderna (160 million doses), the Swedish-British group AstraZeneca and the American Johnson & Johnson (up to 400 million doses each), with the Franco-British association Sanofi- GSK (up to 300 million doses), with the American-German Pfizer-BioNTech (up to 300 million doses) and with the German laboratory CureVac (up to 405 million doses).

It is important to note that, beyond any conspiracy, vaccination is not mandatory. No state official or authority has stated that you will need to be vaccinated. Instead, several heads of state have stated that you will not be required to be immunized. Also, access to a medical service or insurance was not conditioned by a possible vaccination.


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