The latest update of the list ‘The 500 best albums of all time’ of Rolling Stone magazine includes among its novelties some names of Spanish-speaking artists.

Among them, Rosalía, with the position 315, is who is in the best position with the albumEvil wanting, published in 2018, which the American magazine says “not only brought centuries of tradition of flamenco music to the masses, but also freaked out using all the power del disco de Kanye West 808s & The Heartbreak”.

Another of the artists that the publication talks about is Bad Bunny who with his album X 100PREoccupies the position 447 from the prestigious list. According to Rolling Stone, it is an album in which the singer is shown “blatantly raw and totally vulnerable”.

Also, in the position 473 it’s foundBarrio up, album that Daddy Yankee published in 2004 and that includes songs like Gasoline The Give it hot. Closing the list, in the position 496, we find Where are the thieves?, published in 1998 by Shakira.

At podium of the classification is, in first position, What’s going on, album of Marvin gaye published in 1971; followed by Pet sounds Disc of The Beach Boys from the year 1966; and in third place, Blue, of Joni Mitchell that saw the light in 1971.

In the following posts we can find Stevie Wonder with his Songs in the Key of Life (1976), The Beatles con Abbey Road (1969), Nirvana with Nevermind (1991), Fleetwood Mac with Rumors (1977), Prince con Purple Rain (1984), Bob Dylan con Blood on the tracks (1975) and, in tenth position, Lauryn Hill with The miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998).

The first list made by Rolling Stone was carried out in the year 2003 when it began to speculate on the possibility of the death of the physical format due to the irruption of digital downloads and mp3.

The new list has been prepared by a jury of more than 300 professionals Among which are big names like Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Stevie Nicks or Taylor Swift, among others.

As a result of the inclusion of these artists and their votes, the classification has undergone some changes, such as the addition of 154 albums that weren’t in the original 2003 table or the 2012 update, although classical artists continue to dominate the top spots.

To bring the list up to date, they have included 86 records of the 21st century how My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) by Kanye West at number 17; Lemonade (2016) of Beyoncé at number 32; or Red (2012) by Taylor Swift, which has climbed to position number 99.