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Twenty-eight years after Boris Becker, he could have become the second German to lift the trophy at Bercy. Alexander Zverev only missed a set, or even a few games since he led 4-3 in the second set, before giving in to the repeated assaults of a Daniil Medvedev who never decreased in intensity. . Result: a 7-0 conceded by the German who swept away all his hopes of a treble (he came out of two titles in Cologne) and 13th consecutive victory.

However, the German did not really show any regrets after coming so close to winning the bet, aware of his limits of the day. “I was tired. At the end of the second set, I was dead. I knew the third set was going to be very difficult for me“, he confirmed at a press conference. Between the end of the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd round, he had also very quickly got up from his chair, as if to try to remain the most dynamic and as hot as possible, but in terms of muscles, the efforts made during this week in Paris weighed too heavily.

Alexander Zverev

Credit: Imago

Mannarino has worn me out a lot

Was the effort of mental concentration against Rafael Nadal in the semifinals too important? Sincerely, Zverev pointed out another of his victims of the week, less expected but that he does not necessarily like to play. “I had an extremely physical game against Mannarino, which wore me out a lot. I didn’t have the energy to go to the end of this final. I knew I had to win in straight sets. Especially against him (Daniil Medvedev, Editor’s note), a player who masters very well. He’s going to make you run, make you work on every point. “

Moreover, the German extended the comparison between the French left-hander and the Russian right-hander. Because if the second has more assets in his game than the first – in particular a great quality of first ball -, Zverev noted, rightly, similarities on the technical level which explain his difficulties against them. “Like Mannarino, Medvedev wears you down. He plays very flat, requires you to have very long exchanges systematically. Against Daniil, you don’t really get any free points“, he noted.

Thanks to his first ball, the German however managed to save on his service, especially in the first set. But the further into the final, the less strength he had to push on those long legs and the better Medvedev anticipated the restart. On a pure tennis level, Zverev knows that he is nevertheless on the right track, as much in terms of his much more offensive intentions than in 2019, as in his attitude on the court. On Sunday, he showed no sign of frustration, just a hint of resignation over his physical condition.

A thank you to Ferrer and a challenge to his detractors

The contribution of David Ferrer, with whom he has been working since taking over the circuit last summer, is undeniable and he saluted him during the presentation of the trophies. What to see the rest with optimism. “We’ll see how it goes in London for the Masters. I am happy with my tennis. I just need to recover a little physically“Zverev is not, however, impervious to everything that is happening around him at the moment and the repeated accusations of domestic violence he is the subject of by ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova.

In a cryptic message, he also alluded to it to conclude his speech. “A lot of people will try to wipe the smile off my face, but under this mask I have a bright smile. I feel amazingly good on the court. I have the people I love around me. I will soon be a father. Everything is great in my life“, he launched. A way to convey once again his truth: on and off the court, he is ready to meet the challenges that await him.



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