Roland-Garros: Novak Djokovic drops a set to Pablo Carreno Busta but qualifies for the semi-finals

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He believed in it for a set and a half, but this time the curse Pablo Carreño Busta failed to bring Novak Djokovic back to the Grand Slam, a month after his disqualification at the US Open. Embarrassed in the neck, it seems he saw the huge strap placed on his blow, Novak Djokovic was scared, losing the first set, before dominating in 3:10 the Spaniard (4-6, 6-2, 6 -3, 6-4). Qualified for the 38th semi-final of his career in a Major, he must now prepare for a much tougher fight against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Definitely, we will have to check all the next clashes between Pablo Carreño Busta and Novak Djokovic. Because the man’s match for the 17 Grand Slam titles against the 18th player in the ATP rankings has again experienced a somewhat crazy scenario, a month after the now famous episode of Flushing Meadows. Once again, this was mainly because of the Serb, who arrived in a very uncertain form, after having felt pains, in the cervical, in his training this Wednesday morning. An uncertain physical form which completely paralyzed the world number one at the start of the match.

The “Djoker” ended up smiling again

You should have seen him gesticulate at each change of side, slapping himself on the left arm or on the legs, over the stitches against a Carreño Busta much more mobile on the court and aggressive in his shots. The winner of the 2016 edition took time, too long, to get into his match and was logically led to nothing. On the verge of sinking after conceding two break points to 1 everywhere in the second act, he finally took advantage of the lack of solidity of the semi-finalist of the last US Open on key points to return to the match.

Carreño Busta can regret his lack of clarity on the pivotal points (3 break points out of 13 converted), because it is also what revived the world number one. We gradually saw the true face of Djokovic, after his break obtained at 2-1 in his favor. Taking place in the second set, he even led 3-0 in the third act before being caught. But he did not panic and took control of a match which finally gave satisfaction in the last round.

Because after two periods of depression, in turn, for the two players, we finally had a good fight in the 4th set, where Djokovic and Carreño Busta each had break points, even if it is the Serbian who managed to take the opposing service first. Before winning with forceps, on a final winning forehand. It remains to be seen whether these physical problems are behind Novak Djokovic, who will need to be 100% to top an impressive Tsitsipas.



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