Roland-Garros 2020 – Pablo Carreño Busta: “It’s a lottery because the test is not 100% reliable”

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Place at Roland-Garros

So far, everything is normal, we arrived at the airport, we were picked up and taken to the hotel, where we had a COVID test. We are waiting for the results, it should take about twenty-four hours. In the meantime, I am locked in my room.

It’s the lottery because the test is not 100% reliable, it can be positive and deprive me of a tournament as important as Roland-Garros.

There were a lot of changes around the event. Changing the date of the tournament has consequences on the time and the courts. I think the balls will be heavier, we expect rain too and the light will be important: dusk will fall sooner. Rain can delay matches and deprive you of rest between matches, which is not negligible when you have to play five sets.

The transition on earth

Playing the US Open was a good decision. I’m not saying this because I reached the semi-finals but I think it had to be done because the organization of the tournament took the “bubble” very seriously. They tried to make it as easy as possible for the players and it seems to me that the security conditions for the tournament, with only two positive cases, were fantastic.

The change of surface was very fast, and the result in Rome not at the level hoped for, but it is true that this first round against Rafa was very hard and we hardly had time to prepare for the match.

The match against Djokovic

For me, it’s a victory… I played my match, there were 6-5 and I was serving. It was still a weird moment, a difficult moment that doesn’t usually happen. He was unlucky, too.

Le Big Three vs la Next Gen

When Roger, Rafa and Novak start to decline, it is sure that new players will appear. These three are among the best in the history of the sport and all have come together in the same time period. For other players, winning tournaments is very difficult.

I am sure that the Next Gen will become stronger and stronger with Medvedev, Zverev, Shapovalov… Players already on the heights of the standings. And if ever one of the three of the “Big Three” goes astray, these young people will start to win Grand Slams too.

Meanwhile in Paris …

I hope that my quarantine will not exceed 24 hours so I can go to the gym, go downstairs to have dinner and go to the courts to train. Being alone 24 hours in my room is hard! I have a few books, I watch series, I talk to my friends and family, to my coach too, who is in another room. We’ve been in quarantine in New York, Rome and here, so we’re used to staying in our rooms!

Right now, I am watching a Colombian series on Pablo Escobar, “El Patron del Mal”. I’ve seen it before but my coach started watching it in the United States and it made me want to dive back into it. It’s great to learn about all of these things that have happened and to know a little more about these stories.



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