Roland-Garros 2020 – Iga Swiatek: “Saturday, it won’t be as easy as it has been so far”

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Iga Swiatek is particularly fond of Guns N ‘Roses. The rock that moves, what. If she puts her helmet in her bag when it’s time to do battle, “Welcome to the jungle”, a song that accompanies her appearances at Roland, sticks to the tempo of her frantic matches. For almost two weeks, she bones her opponents one after the other. Nadia Podoroska was no exception to the rule on Thursday. In the semifinals of the French Open, Argentina out of qualifying was kicked out of the tournament, manu militari. Seventy minutes to complete the case and fifteen disputed games (6-2, 6-1), the case was heard.

Since the start of the tournament, the young woman has lost only 23 games. Only Serena Williams did better in the 21st century in Paris (21 in 2013). The numbers speak for themselves: no one has put him more than four games in a set and it only happened once. Hsieh Su-wei achieved this feat by losing the second set 6-4 of her match against the Polish in the second round.

On Saturday, against Sofia Kenin, crowned in Melbourne at the start of the year, she will try to win her first Grand Slam title. At 19 years old. The absolute dream and madness to achieve. “It’s hard to believe. I think I will achieve after the tournament. For now, I’m living the dream to the end, she admits. So far, I’m still full of adrenaline. It’s hard to believe! But I know that the final will be a tough match, it will be difficult, I will play against an experienced player, who is used to these kinds of matches. I will be the challenger. It will be a close match. ”

School after Roland?

If this is the case, that will change from the first six rounds where the young Polish girl left nothing behind, facing Simona Halep in particular in the round of 16 (6-1, 6-2). And that wouldn’t necessarily be to displease him, she who likes to play “under pressure” and feels better under these conditions. But on Saturday, the challenge will be quite different. Saturday will be a final. And a final is never the same. Whereas, Iga Swiatek would do well if it was the same serenade as usual. “If I am not overwhelmed with emotions, I will be fine, she assures. This is the reason why I am so efficient, because I stay focused and I do not allow my opponent to show his best tennis. I know it will be tough on Saturday “.

But to avoid overthinking, Swiatek is not alone. His arms and legs are working well. The head too, but to do this, it is assisted. Already. “I have a psychologist who helps me. So I manage my emotions well. I have the feeling that I have been efficient, focused, have been able to put a lot of pressure on my opponent, even in the second. set. We will see in the final because I will play against a much more experienced player. It will be a tough game, no matter who my opponent is. I will have to raise the bar a little higher. It will not be as easy as so far. ”

Not long ago, Iga Swiatek was talking about going back to school, on the university benches. His good student side had already made people talk during his career in Paris last year. Swiatek had then undergone the law of Simona Halep. She has learned the lesson well since she almost transformed the test this year in Paris.

Whatever happens on Saturday, it will become difficult to put down the racket. “I know in tennis I can accomplish great things so for now I’m going to focus on that. But you know I’m only 19, I still have some time ahead of me. Maybe. to be that my urge to learn and study new things is going to be the strongest. But I’m definitely not going to make a decision now. It would be too complicated if I had to study during a tournament like this. So right now I really want to focus on tennis to be the best I can be. And I will make up my mind later. But if I were to continue to play semi-finals or Grand Slam finals, I can’t see how I could study at the same time. I’ll wait and see how it goes. “. So far, pretty good.



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