Roland-Garros 2020, Djokovic-Nadal final: Toni Nadal reframes Ivanisevic after his statements

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The clan war is declared before the grand final of Roland-Garros. Asked about the statements of Goran Ivanisevic, who claimed before the quarter-finals that Rafael Nadal would have no chance in the event of a final against Novak Djokovic, Toni Nadal responded in his own way, handing Novak Djokovic’s co-coach to his place, with the force of conviction that is his.

Yes I read these statements and I was surprised that he said that, in his place I would not have said that“Said the former coach of the world No. 2 in an interview given to the El Larguero program broadcast on Saturday night on the Cadena SER. If he has always recognized that the autumn conditions favored the game of Djokovic, and that it was more dangerous than ever, the Mallorcan estimated that the reading of this 56th meeting “Djokodal” could not be so radical.

Nadal’s toughest final at Roland Garros according to his uncle

I don’t see it that way out of balance. One thing is certain, it is a game that will last. It’s a final that will be complicated because there are a lot of factors in favor of Novak. Am I nervous? Currently not. I trust my nephew.(…) Where will I watch the game? I’ll see it on my own. I prefer to be quiet for this kind of meeting.

A few hours before this interview, Toni Nadal, who will not be present in Paris for the first time since 2005 (he came at the end of the tournament in 2018 and 2019, although having left Rafa in the hands of Carlos Moya and Francisco Roig after the 2017 season, editor’s note), even evoked the final “The hardest“of his nephew’s career at Roland Garros where he is aiming for a 13th title in an interview given to the public channel IB3, which broadcasts in the Balearics.”He knows he needs to raise his level. And when he had to raise it up, he always got his way. This Sunday, he will have to play his best tennis.”

I’ve never seen someone so smart, with such a mentality

The famous declarations of Goran Ivanisevic are not all fresh. They were published on Tuesday, October 6. Ivanisevic then made a screening for the final, evoking a possible reunion between his player and the Mallorcan. That was his prognosis, moreover. “It’s not the same this year. These are perfect conditions for Novak, but not for Nadal. (…) I see a Novak-Nadal final, in which Nadal has no win under such conditions. And with Novak going into his head. I throw myself in, but I think Novak is the No. 1 favorite at Roland Garros.”

Also in agreement with Djokovic regarding the disappearance of linesmen and the advent of technology in tennis, Ivanisevic also mentioned the mental strength of the world No. 1 in this interview. “His method of preparation – for his body, his head – is near perfect. Tactics, technique, nutrition: he leaves nothing to chance. He wants to make progress every day and so it is very interesting to work with him because he wants to be better every day, even if the percentage of improvement must be tiny, at 0.00001%. But things have to change“, detailed the winner of Wimbledon 2001.

Fascinated by Djokovic’s art of detail, Ivanisevic said he was proud of how the Serb had bounced back from his complicated summer. “I’ve never seen someone so smart, with such a mentality. Whether in tennis, but also in sport in general. It also helps to come from the Balkans. When the Balkans are behind him, as was the case after the Adria Tour, which was something phenomenal (on a charitable level, editor’s note), but also after New York, that makes him even better. He went to Rome and won it without playing his best tennis. This is a great example for young people because there is more to tennis than forehand, backhand and movement. All this preparation, which you see in the field, is the result of personal decisions.”



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