Roland Garros 2020: Diego Schwartzman, the tennis warrior who goes for the hit against Rafael Nadal

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The Peque worked for years to live the great present he enjoys after the final in Rome. This Friday, the top ten will go for a new victory against the king of Paris.

Diego Schwartzman is a tennis warrior who worked hard to earn his own place in the elite. By dint of sacrifice and effort, he was successful. And after reaching the final of the Masters 1000 in Rome, this Friday, from 9.50 in Argentina, he will be measured in the semi-final of Roland Garros against none other than the Spanish Rafael Nadal, the owner of the house.

He Small He lived through difficult moments at the beginning of his career, due to the difficult economic situation of his family. Furthermore, he struggled for a long time with the prejudice of those who saw his 1.70 meter height as a handicap or an impediment to compete at the highest level. Nothing discouraged him. On the contrary, these “obstacles” motivated him, gave him more strength and shaped him as a player.

Today you reap the fruit of so much effort. Recognized by his peers as a dangerous rival, who leaves everything on the court and who can complicate anyone with his tennis and respected as a person, at the age of 28 he lives his best season and reached the top ten.

“I never imagined that my career would be where it is now. But no matter what I have faced, I have always worked hard. I think that overcoming those obstacles has made me a better competitor and an even better person. I always had confidence in my game. . I always thought that I could do it “, the Argentine recognized at the beginning of the year, in a delivery of “In first person”, articles published by the ATP.

When he wrote those words, in January, during the Australian Open, Schwartzman was ranked 14th in the ranking, although he had been in 2018 in 11th place for four weeks. He already had his three professional titles to his credit – Istanbul 2016, Rio de Janeiro 2018 and Los Cabos 2019 – and had been established for several seasons in the elite. But the best was yet to come.

And the best came in the last four weeks. After a poor season restart, the Argentine landed in Rome with the idea of ​​recovering the good feelings on the pitch. And he ended up leaving the Italian capital with a certainty: he not only has the weapons to play against the great stars of the circuit, but also to defeat them.

In the quarterfinals at the Foro Italico he defeated Nadal, world number two and undisputed king of brick dust, for the first time, whom he defeated 6-2 and 7-5. “Diego is one of the best players in the world and when you play against this type of rivals, if you don’t get your best level, the normal thing is to lose,” he said. Rafa after the fall, giving some nice words to his winner.

He Small He reached the final, in which he fought, but ended up falling to Novak Djokovic, world number one. And then he traveled to Paris to play a Roland Garros in which he already made personal history.

With his confidence high and his tennis at an excellent level, he advanced smoothly to the quarterfinals, thereby ensuring his first-time entry into the top 10. From Monday, it will be number eight in the world.

In that instance, he defeated Austrian Dominic Thiem, third in the ranking and the second best player on slow courts, in a five-set match. In that game, he showed new signs of that claw and passion that characterize his game, but also impressive mental strength.

He recognized it in the last hours Carlos Moya, Nadal’s coach, whom Schwartzman will face again this Friday in the semis of the French Grand Slam, in which will seek to hit the big bump.

“Diego used to find it difficult to face difficult moments with Rafa. In Rome, although there were times when he got nervous, he managed to win. That shows that he has made an important leap at the mental level, “said Moyá.

After the triumph against Thiem, even Djokovic filled him with praise. “He deserves to be in the top 10 and win those kinds of games more than many players because he works hard, he’s a super nice person, a very kind guy. He definitely deserves to be where he is“commented number one.

Compliments rained down from all sides for the Argentine, who thanks to his talent, dedication and hard work, managed to overcome the obstacles that life put him and fulfill his dream of reaching the elite. To Schwartzman, from “Small“He only has the nickname. Today he is one of the best players in the world. A true tennis warrior.



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